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Female climber in orange helmet reaches for the final hold, viewed from above

Your donation will help us continue our critical NZ climbing access and advocacy work

The Aotearoa Climbing Access Trust (ACAT) works to improve access to rock climbing and bouldering areas around New Zealand.

In the 2 years since we began we have worked to preserve the future of Waipari and Wharepapa Rock, succeeded in reopening Whanganui Bay, submitted on adventure tourismstewardship land and Milford Sound legislation, worked to allow climbing during Covid, and more.

There is still so much more to do – access is threatened or prohibited at many crags around NZ. We are working on it! Please help us keep going with a regular or one-off donation.

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West Coast :
We have submitted our opinion on the proposals set out in DOC’s Westland stewardship land reclassification consultation document, which...
Waikato :
After over 5 years of closure, ACAT is stoked to announce that climbing at Whanganui Bay is now possible again under a trial climbing season....
Waikato :
Excited for a weekend away at Kawakawa Bay? Who wouldn’t be! But remember it’s crucial that we behave respectfully, leave no trace, and keep climbing...
Auckland :
We are stoked to announce our first official sponsor, Northern Rocks – a world-class bouldering (climbing) facility on Auckland’s North Shore....
Auckland :
The old Waitakere Quarry on Te Henga Rd contains basalt walls with good climbing potential. Auckland Council is creating a new public park in the...
All NZ :
Stewardship land covers 9% of New Zealand’s landmass. It includes several climbing areas including Mt Somers and the Remarkables Ranges....
Wide angle aerial image of Ti Point, basalt headland with pohutakawa, calm turquoise sea, underwater reef, cloudy sky.
Ti Point, an hour north of Auckland. Photo: Chris Hailey.