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Female climber in orange helmet reaches for the final hold, viewed from above
Nadia Sosa tops out at Wharepapa Rock, Waikato. Photo: Zane Bray.

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ACAT exists to improve access to rock climbing and bouldering areas around NZ. Since we began we have worked to preserve the future of Waipari and Wharepapa Rock, gained a trial reopening for Whanganui Bay, submitted on adventure tourismstewardship land and Milford Sound legislation, worked to allow climbing during Covid, and more.

There is still so much more to do – access is threatened or prohibited at many crags around NZ. We are working on it! Starting a regular donation now is the best way you can help us keep going.

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Climber in black shirt at the Pakeho crag.
Waikato :
Since ACAT signed an MOU with the Pakeho landowners in January, Chris Hailey has been leading an epic community effort to get the crag ready for re-...
Climber in blue shirt at the Kinloch crag, Lake Taupō
Waikato :
The Kinloch K1 crag sits on a section of Maori land called the Whangamata No. 3 block, owned by an Ahu Whenua Trust. Over the past year, ACAT has...
Climber on a limestone cliff above native bush at Pakeho crag
Waikato :
ACAT has been working behind the scenes toward re-opening Pakeho crag, and has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the landowners and...
Climber in blue shirt bouldering at Wairere Boulders
Northland :
Wairere Boulders, one of the best bouldering areas in the North Island, can finally be publicised after a change of ownership. Wairere Boulders is a...
Climber in red jacket and helmet at Lucky Strike in the Darran Mountains
All NZ :
ACAT's Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 11 December, where the annual report was presented. The past year has been a period of...
Cliff at the Mangorewa Gorge from a distance with two climbers.
Bay of Plenty :
ACAT and the Rotorua Climbing Club are consulting with DOC and iwi about the future of the crag. Key details:  Please consider Mangorewa...
Wide angle aerial image of Ti Point, basalt headland with pohutakawa, calm turquoise sea, underwater reef, cloudy sky.

Ti Point, an hour north of Auckland. Photo: Chris Hailey.