Partnership with the New Zealand Alpine Club

The New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) has been instrumental in developing and supporting ACAT and our organisations intend to maintain a close working relationship into the future.

NZAC’s member surveys have shown that climbing access is a top priority for its members, a majority of whom are rock climbers in addition to having other interests. NZAC has enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to achieve progress on climbing access through a partnership between its membership base and the non-NZAC rock climbing community.

NZAC has provided seed funding to get ACAT off the ground and operational, and further funding across the first three years to support the Trust while it raises its own funds. NZAC is also assisting in other ways, such as promoting ACAT through its channels and encouraging its members to support our work.

NZAC President Lindsay Smith notes:

“Our organisations are strongly aligned around the shared goal of protecting recreational climbing access in Aotearoa. In some cases we will collaborate on common projects, such as National Park Management Plan reviews that affect both rock and alpine areas. Beyond this, each organisation will support and promote the other in the interests of achieving the best outcomes for the entire climbing community. Success for the Aotearoa Climbing Access Trust will also mean success for the members of the New Zealand Alpine Club.”

For more about NZAC, visit the NZAC website.