Northern Rocks becomes an official ACAT sponsor

We are stoked to announce our first official sponsor, Northern Rocks – a world-class bouldering (climbing) facility on Auckland’s North Shore. The facility is building an inclusive community and helping its members get into outdoor climbing through community events, education and awareness.

Two boulderers climbing on a colourful overhanging indoor wall.

Climbers enjoying the great boulder problems at Northern Rocks.

ACAT and Northern Rocks are strongly aligned by a shared vision of an inclusive climbing community that welcomes new members and makes a positive contribution to local communities and to the environment around our crags.

Northern Rocks has been a huge supporter of ACAT from the outset, running fundraisers and making donations to help us get started. We have collaborated on some great events including:

  • The Auckland Boulder Series finals
  • The Gym to Crag seminar at Northern Rocks
  • Outdoor bouldering trips to Waitomo with Northern Rocks members
  • Northern Rocks annual Boulder Bash competition

Northern Rocks is now leading the charge on climbing access by supporting ACAT financially and helping us to develop our sponsorship programme. We are looking forward to many more great collaborations to help keep New Zealand climbing.

For more about Northern Rocks, visit the Northern Rocks website.

Boulderer with feet in the air in the indoor NIBS competition watched by a crowd.

ACAT Trustee Erica Gatland in the finals at the North Island Boulder Series held at Northern Rocks.

Seated climbers watch a presenter at an indoor seminar.

ACAT Manager Edwin Sheppard addresses climbers at the Gym to Crag seminar. Photo: Nina Douglas.

Rock climbers make hand gestures with boulder mats on their backs.

Director Sarah Hay (left) at the Northern Rocks Waitomo Bouldering trip. Photo: Gordon Chen.

Rock climbers and boulder pads seen from above.

Climbers at the Northern Rocks Waitomo bouldering trip. Photo: Gordon Chen.