Donate to the Waipari fund

Please donate to ACAT’s Waipari crag fund – every dollar will go directly to improving access and the crag environment. 

Shirtless climber on steeply overhung pocketed rock in Waikato New Zealand
Ryan Yang on Black Widow at Waipari. Photo: Chris Hailey.

ACAT is a registered charity so all donations are eligible for a 33% tax credit.

Any excess funds received will be held for future Waipari projects. We are still working with Merry and Emma to create a ground-breaking permanent climbing access right at Waipari. This will require a substantial fundraising effort in the future, so extra funds received now will make this much more achievable.

Clifftop native planting

We ran a working bee on 28 May to plant the clifftops in beautiful native bush. This will stabilise the area and restore the environment. Join the Friends of Waipari FaceBook group for more information about future working bees, and lend a hand.

Group of people in car park on farm road with cliffs in background
The gorse-removal working bee team in the Waipari carpark.

Indestructible composting toilets

Waipari’s new composting toilets are now operational. Massive thanks to Merry, Emma and all the amazing volunteers who put in a huge effort to get this done. These super loos are great for the environment and will last decades.

We worked hard to keep the cost to a minimum, reusing lots of materials and seeking discounts from suppliers plus many many volunteer hours.

Three builders in front of a plywood toilet block with cliffs in background.
Waipari composting toilet builders Levi, Jason and Shaun.