Donate to ACAT

Making a monthly or annual donation to ACAT through our website provides us with sustainable funding for our ongoing access projects. The more you give, the more we are able to do.

You can use the donation form on any page to make a donation.

As well as ongoing work to promote climbing access, ACAT is building its Trust fund to enable the future legal protection or acquisition of high-value crags (if this is the only way to keep climbing open). Making a significant one-off donation will contribute to our Trust fund and empower us to save crags when access crises occur.

If you are interested in making a donation of over $1,000, please get in touch so we can arrange a bank transfer that avoids any credit card processing fees. We will respond by phone or email.

A note on credit card fees

ACAT uses Stripe to process credit and debit card payments, as it is a reliable service with competitive rates. Stripe charges us fees of 2.5% plus 30 cents per transaction. As this is charged on a per-transaction basis, the overall percentage of fees is higher for small donations (e.g. $5) than larger donations.

To keep fees to a minimum, consider making a higher annual donation rather than a lower monthly donation. As above, please contact us if you wish to make a donation over $1000, so that we can arrange for a transfer that avoids fees.