How to claim or re-gift your tax credit

If you have made a donation to ACAT, you are entitled to claim a 33% tax credit. You can increase your impact by sending it back to ACAT, or keep it yourself.

This page is for individual donors only. If you donated on behalf of an organisation, see our guidance for company donations and sponsorship.

Increase your impact by re-gifting your tax credit

If you re-gift your tax credit to ACAT, your initial donation will grow at no cost to you. That’s more love for our crags.

ACAT have partnered with Supergenerous to take the hassle out of claiming. Most people struggle to get around to claiming their donation rebates, and the credits expire after 4 years. That's why we recommend you sign up with Supergenerous today:

Sign up with Supergenerous

Alternatively, you can re-gift your rebate directly via the IRD website, using your myIR account. Claim and transfer your rebate to our IRD number 134-201-100, using account type “Donation tax credit”.