ACAT and NZAC sign Memorandum Of Understanding

We are stoked to announce that ACAT and NZAC have finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that sets out the basis of our relationship moving forward. NZAC considers that more needs to be done to preserve crag access around the country and has backed ACAT from the outset. 

Snowcapped Mt Tutoko in the Darrans with a climber standing on a rocky outcrop in the foreground

Mt Tutoko in the Darrans. Photo: Derek Cheng.

The MOU sets out principles of collaboration, transparency, coordination, and respect to guide the relationship, and provides for regular meetings at an operational and governance level. ACAT and NZAC have committed to supporting and promoting each other, recognizing the common goal of furthering the sport of climbing in all its forms. 

NZAC President Clare Kearney states:

“The NZAC has an ongoing relationship with ACAT, providing support and seed funding to assist the establishment of the Trust. In previous member surveys, access to climbing areas has been identified as a key issue for the Club.  Our link with ACAT is one way to address access to climbing areas. This MOU establishes the foundations for our continued joint engagement.

We encourage club members with an interest in rock climbing to consider joining ACAT as individual supporters. Donations are crucial for ACAT to achieve sustainable funding and will help to improve crag access around the country.”

ACAT and NZAC have already worked closely together on issues like the Milford Opportunities Project, a new master plan for the Milford area that will affect both rock climbers and mountaineers. ACAT has also established direct relationships with several NZAC Sections and received support from them. We are looking forward to many positive collaborations in the future.

NZAC members and climbers can support ACAT with a regular donation by using the donation box on this or any other page.