How to claim or re-donate your tax credit

If you have made a donation to ACAT, you are entitled to a 33% tax credit. You can claim your credit at the end of each tax year and either keep the refund or send it back to ACAT to increase your impact.

The instructions on this page are for individual donors only. If you donated on behalf of an organisation, see our guidance for company donations and sponsorship.

We will email you a download link for your donation tax summary in April each year. If you haven’t received yours by April 30, please contact us.

Increase your impact by re-donating your tax credit

If you re-donate your tax credit to ACAT, your initial donation will grow at no cost to you. That’s more love for our crags. You can make it happen in three simple steps:

1 – Setup a donation tax credit account at myIR

Login to your myIR online account at

Check you have a Donation tax credit account and register. If not, choose I want to... then Register for donation tax credit.

Once you have a donation tax credit account on your home page, follow the steps below.

2 – Fill in the details

Click Enter donation tax credit receipts and then Add a receipt. Fill in the details from your tax receipt summary.

Then click on Add receipt attachment and upload your tax receipt summary.

Review the details of your receipt(s) on the next page.

3 – Give

At the final Credit transfer step select YES if you want to send your credit back to ACAT.

Then click Add a credit transfer and fill in the details including your credit amount in the transfer amount field (one third of your receipt amount).

Click SUBMIT and know that you’ve done your bit to keep New Zealand climbing!