Our objectives

These are the overall purposes that are enshrined in ACAT’s Trust Deed, our founding document. All decisions will be directed toward achieving these purposes.

Promoting public access to all climbing areas in Aotearoa

Protecting climbing access in Aotearoa is all about community and relationships. ACAT’s goal is to help the climbing community become better coordinated and more actively investing in our sport. To protect the future of climbing in New Zealand we need strong relationships within the climbing community, with farmers, iwi, DOC, Councils, and other stakeholders such as environmental groups. 

Fostering protection, stewardship and conservation of climbing areas

Climbers care about the environment. ACAT aims to help channel that goodwill into tangible outcomes. We will support environmental projects around climbing areas wherever possible, starting with the native restoration effort at Froggatt Edge. 

Encouraging safe and responsible use of climbing areas 

Climbers generally do a great job of following landowner requirements and keeping themselves and others safe, but there are always exceptions. The entire climbing community plays a role in managing crag behaviour, and ACAT will champion efforts to prevent environmental impacts, unnecessary accidents, or damage to landowner relationships. 

Providing education regarding climbing access issues, safety and conservation

Communication and education are integral to all of ACAT’s work, be it educating climbers about crag behaviour, or landowners about what climbers do and how we can make a positive contribution. We aim to help the climbing community be its best, address inaccurate and negative perceptions of climbing, and establish climbers as a legitimate and well-regarded recreational user group.