Climbing at Kinloch K1 crag not recommended

The Kinloch K1 crag sits on a section of Maori land called the Whangamata No. 3 block, owned by an Ahu Whenua Trust. Over the past year, ACAT has been working with one of the Trustees to resolve issues around a wāhi tapu site at the crag.

Unfortunately, there has been some disagreement within the wider owners’ group as to whether the land should be open to visitors such as rock climbers. We understand that at a recent owners’ meeting, some members expressed a view that the crag should be closed. 

Climber in blue shirt at the Kinloch crag, Lake Taupō

Harrison Larkin climbing at the Kinloch K1 crag. Photo via theCrag, licensed under CC-NCSA.

There has not been any official statement from the Trust or owners’ group regarding access to the crag. However, as it appears that the crag has become a point of tension, we recommend avoiding climbing at K1 until this can be resolved. 

K1 has now been listed as closed on We know this will be deeply disappointing for many climbers and particularly for outdoor education groups. We will continue working with the Whangamata No. 3 Trust in the hopes of finding a way forward.