Our Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is the governing body of ACAT, providing strategic oversight and direction to the Trust. The Board seeks to ensure the best interest of all stakeholders in their management decisions, providing highly competent, professional governance by climbers, for climbers.

Female climber with ponytail looking up a rock face.

Vickie Moses on Midget, West Wanaka. Photo: Nick Flyvberg.

Vickie Moses

Vickie has been climbing for over 25 years throughout North America, Canada, Europe, and Australasia. While her climbing psych started on gear at Frog Buttress, it has since expanded to both bouldering and sport climbing. She is the proud mother of two boys, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management, a Graduate Diploma, and a Master of Industrial Relations. 

Vickie has been the Managing Director of CI Consulting for over 18 years, specialising in working with Boards and Management teams on some of Australasia’s most complex infrastructure projects in road, rail and water. Vickie and her partner Lukas are also directors of Wanaka-based Aspiring Guides. Vickie brings a balance of business experience, industry knowledge, and an understanding of climbing and its rich culture to her role on the ACAT board.

Female climber in red shirt with wild hair looking up on steeply overhanging rock.

Erica Gatland on Bus’ter Milford, The Chasm. Photo: Tom Hoyle.

Erica Gatland

Erica is a well-rounded climber. She is a boulderer, climbs sport, trad, and also is well versed in the competition scene. She has travelled the world for climbing and has been competing for 12 years both nationally and internationally, while being heavily involved in the climbing community throughout. She has been a climbing coach, an instructor at NZAC youth climbing camps, a member of the Climbing NZ committee, and she organised the Flock Fest bouldering festival held at Flock Hill in 2019. 

Erica grew up in Auckland and is currently based in Palmerston North while studying for a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Her enthusiasm for climbing is infectious. Erica aims to be a familiar and friendly face that can represent the climbing community, encouraging climbers in all aspects of the sport to protect access for climbing in NZ.

Female climber in sunglasses and orange top on sloping overhanging boulder.

Erin Stewart on Orange Aid, Flock Hill. Photo: Derek Thatcher.

Erin Stewart

Erin's first climbing experience was bouldering at Castle Hill in early 2007. She went home euphoric, with raw and bleeding fingertips, and a new fascination for this weird sport which has since turned into a life-long love. These days she mostly splits her time between Flock Hill in the winter, and the Cave in summer.

A member of the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) Publications Committee, Erin has utilised her professional design skills and contributed to various design and development projects including the redesign of climbnz.org.nz, the creation of the ACAT logo, and branding the Tūpiki Trust. She has also published several articles in both the Climber and the NZAJ.

Alongside partner Derek Thatcher she runs the CHB bouldering database, which has grown to be a community of thousands of likeminded limestone lovers, and a medium for promoting awareness and education about sustainable practises to minimise the impacts of climbing in the Basin, and to encourage all climbers to care for the area and its unique flora and fauna.

Climber in green shirt bouldering at Castle Hill.

James Gunn bouldering at Castle Hill. Photo: Derek Thatcher.

James Gunn

James shares a passion for New Zealand nature, in particular our forests and alpine spaces and rock climbing. He's been climbing for over twenty years, with origins in the gym as a competitive sport climber, but now balances commitments with a young family, busy job, and low-key training during the week with a hopeful day-trip in the weekends to nearby crags and sectors in Christchurch and Castle Hill.

James' professional experience stems from working in teams as a facilitator and designer, helping steer delivery of complex initiatives for the local and central government sector, improving how things are done and maximising investment value against priorities and constraints.

He shares concerns with the climbing community and the ability to be organised to manage, maintain and improve access and access relations for climbing areas and hopes to see improvements in this space through collaborative efforts of ACAT, climbers and other aligned organisations and initiatives.