Why should I allow access to my land?

Rock climbing is a fun outdoor activity enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. The climbing community hugely appreciates the opportunity to climb on cliffs around the country, many of which are on private land.

Getting outside and enjoying our beautiful natural areas is part of the Kiwi way of life, and climbing up natural cliff-faces is an exhilarating and unbeatable experience. Sustainable access to crags on private land preserves climbing opportunities for future generations that might otherwise miss out.

Good quality cliffs for climbing are quite rare in New Zealand, and our sport couldn’t exist without the goodwill of landowners. The climbing community is very mindful of avoiding any adverse effects and showing our appreciation where we are granted the privilege of access.

Climbers generally have a minimal impact on land or farming operations. We do all the work involved in setting up and maintaining a climbing area ourselves. In many cases we can also give back by doing working bees to remove weeds, undertake pest control work, or contribute to other projects in partnership with landowners.

We strongly promote a “leave no trace” philosophy and respect for the environment and local communities. The climbing community is also very active in ensuring that all climbers comply with landowners’ ground rules.

What about safety and liability?

Modern climbing is a very safe sport, with a far lower risk of injury than contact sports like rugby. Encouraging safe and responsible climbing is one of ACAT’s core purposes. However, it is important to note that if a climbing accident does occur, there is no real risk of liability for the landowner