Wharepapa Rock / Castle Rock access warning

We have had the first serious issue at Wharepapa Rock since it changed hands earlier this year. 

Sun shining on the top of a rock plug rising from green farmland topped by pine trees.
Sunset on the upper and lower tiers at Wharepapa Rock, Waikato. Photo: John Pitcairn.

A group of climbers left a gate open, and this resulted in stock getting into another paddock – not good at this time of year, as they have minimal grass. Unfortunately this happened right in front of the farm owner, who is not happy.

A reminder that access to the crag is currently on a trial period. If this sort of thing keeps happening, the crag WILL get shut down.

For everyone's sake, please stick to some simple rules:

  • Ensure all gates are left as they were found, and are properly latched if closed.
  • Do not climb over fences, this can slacken the wires. Climb safely and responsibly.
  • The crag is necessarily run as a business. If you climb, pay.
  • Commercial groups (including school groups) must book in advance. Contact Sheena Warren at 
  • No dogs, ever.

Let’s look after the sport we all love.